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Point Pelee
Niagara Falls (Day 1)
Niagara Falls (Day 2)
Ice Hockey

At the start of my Overseas Experience I first visited Windsor, Ontario (Canada) for six days,
before carrying on to Dublin (The Republic of Ireland)


Thu 6-Feb 03	Auckland, New Zealand  - Windsor (Ontario), Canada 

Flew from Auckland via LA and Chicago to Detroit - A long day (well, actually two Thursdays, kind of!).  Picked up at Detroit airport just before midnight by Warwick Mercer (My Dad's pen pal of MANY years).  I stayed with Warwick and Dianne in Windsor, Ontario, for my time in Canada.  It was about -8C when I arrived, but not much snow on the ground.

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Fri 7-Feb 03	Windsor, Canada 

Warwick took the day off to show me around the area.  First we visited Point Pelee, the southern-most point of Canada on the shores of Lake Erie.  Being winter a lot of the lake was actually frozen over.  On our way back from Point Pelee I saw my first snow fall ever!  (I'd seen snow before, but never actually falling)

Me at Point Pelee National Park - 42 Latitude 

Point Pelee

Point Pelee - Me and Warwick

An Angel? - I don't think so!

It's Snowing!! (Kingsville)

Out to dinner with Collette and Jeffrey, Chantal and David (Collette and Chantal are Warwick and Dianne's daughters)

Sat 8-Feb 03	Windsor - Niagara  

Mid-morning headed north to Niagara with Warwick - a four hour drive of which the first several hundred kilometres were just dead straight flat road/country-side.  It was a beautiful fine day although still very cold.  More and more snow on the ground as we headed north, with frozen lakes and rivers also (including some of Lake Ontario).  

The Niagara falls were absolutely amazing, covered in snow and ice with the sun directly on them and even a rainbow as a finishing touch!  Trees and handrails were completely encased in ice and it was VERY cold (-8C but closer to -15C or lower with the wind-chill).  The  Niagara falls are in fact two separate falls - The smaller "American Falls" and the much larger and more impressive "Canadian/Horseshoe Falls".  The state of New York, USA, was just across the gorge from the falls!

We stayed the night in Niagara township.

Goat Island, between the American (to the left) and the Canadian Falls (to the right).
Postcard perfect!

Warwick and Jason at Niagara Falls

Frozen trees around the falls 

The American Falls 

Sun 9-Feb 03	Niagara - Windsor  

It was snowing again when we woke this morning.  After breakfast went back to the falls to go on the "Journey Behind the Falls" tour.  Although partially closed due to ice and snow, this was still very impressive viewing the sheer force of the falls from below and behind.  Lots of ice stalactites.

View from "Journey Behind the Falls" (Canadian Falls)


Niagara Rapids 

Next we headed downstream to Niagara rapids.  It stopped snowing and cleared up - Another lovely sunny day in the snow!  Went to "Niagara Falls Park Butterfly Conservatory" - A tropical enclosure with free-flight butterflies all around you!  It was in the negatives outside, and about 30+ inside! 

A nice winter scene outside the Butterfly Conservatory 

Drove up to Niagara-On-The-Lake (up the river to the edge of Lake Ontario, through the Niagara wine region) before heading back towards Windsor.  In the evening went and watched my first game of Ice Hockey - Collette's husband Jeff was playing.

Ice Hockey - Just as the ref was getting bowled!  Not sure if Jeff's there at all.

Mon 10-Feb 03	Windsor, Canada
Tue 11-Feb 03	Windsor, Canada

The Mercer's were back to work.  Rest days and a bit of window shopping.  Snowing again!

Jason and Warwick hard at work

Wed 12-Feb 03	Windsor, Canada  - Dublin, Ireland 

Went out for a bit more (mostly window) shopping and then packed up for the drive back to Detroit airport and my 6:25pm flight to Dublin Ireland (via Frankfurt), to continue on my Overseas Experience (OE).

I just have to mention that all the people I met while in Canada were extremely friendly and hospitable, even if they did have trouble understanding me at times!  Had a great time, even if only there briefly.


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