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Dublin City Tour
Dun Laoghaire and Malahide

Thu 13-Feb 03	Frankfurt, Germany - Dublin, Ireland  

I arrived in Dublin from Detroit (via Frankfurt) at about 11am.  May the year begin!!  
Initially I am staying with Jean and Dudley Dolan - Friends of friends of my parents!

Dublin Street Map
Dublin Region etc (interactive maps)
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Fri 14-Feb 03	Dublin, Ireland

I went for a drive with Jean into Dundrum, around Sandyford Industrial Estate and to Stepaside to get some bearings.  Some very nice little Irish country lanes, cottages and stone walls!

Sat 15-Feb 03	Dublin   [Fine]

Went for a walk up Three Rock Mountain with Dudley and the dogs (Fran and Penny).  Tried to bus into Dublin City, but it changed route partway and only went to Dundrum (about a 3rd of the way) - Only in Ireland?

Summit of Three Rock Mountain

Sun 16-Feb 03	Dublin   [Overcast]

Went to Sandymount beach with Jean, Dudley and the dogs - not very picturesque (to put it politely).  Lots of dog turds everywhere and none of the dog owners have the courtesy to pick them up like back home!  Another walk later in the day - found my first church ruin and Celtic cross and castle ruin near Stepaside village!  Only a small amount of trespassing was required!

Kilgobbin Cross and Church Ruins

Kilgobbin Castle Ruins

Mon 17-Feb 03	Dublin   [Fine but cold!]

Went into Dublin City for a look around to get my bearings, go to the Information Centre etc.  It was fine but bitter cold!  Hopped onto City Tour double-decker bus for a circuit around town and then had a look around Dublin Castle and St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Next went for a tour around the Guinness Storehouse (which took me about 3 hours!), finally ending in the Gravity Bar on the roof for a pint of the 'Black Stuff'.

Dublin Castle - Originally built in the 13th Century, rebuild/reconstructed after fire in 1684 

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle - Still part of the same castle, believe it or not!

I just liked it - Some building opposite St. Patrick's Cathedral

I rather liked this place too for some reason! - Since 1759

Old Kegs at Guinness - Obviously

View from Guinness Gravity Bar (including old Guinness Windmill)

The Ha'penny Bridge

Fri 21-Feb 03	Dublin - Visited Dun Laoghaire and Malahide   [Fine/Warm]

Caught bus into Blackrock and walked south to Dun Laoghaire (pronounced Dun Leary) to register for a PPS number (Personal Public Service number - a Social Security/Tax type number).  Had a wander around Dun Laoghaire and then decided that because it was such a lovely fine and warm day (yes in Ireland, honest) and I was already near a train station, I might as well go somewhere.  On a whim decided to head north to Malahide - about 13km north of Dublin.

Picturesque view in Dun Laoghaire Harbour

Jason was trying to be artistic!

After having to ask for directions, found my way to the grounds of Malahide Castle.  Did some gift shopping and then went on a tour of the castle.  Very impressive castle with period furnishings, painting etc.  The castle was built in 1185 and was owned and lived in by the same family (the Talbot's) for almost 800 years until 1976 when it was handed over to the local council.  Had a look around Malahide town before heading back to Sandyford, Dublin.

The village of Malahide - Is that Santa on the left?

I have been down a few of these!

A thatched cottage in Malahide

Malahide Castle - c1185

The gate to my room in the dungeon - OK, not really.

Old church behind Malahide Castle

A Peacock!

A Leprechaun Jail - OK, to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what this is!!
(It's in Malahide)


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