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South County Dublin
Dublin Castle etc
Ghost Tour

Sat 22-Feb 03	Dublin - Visited Howth   [Fine & Warm]

With more fine weather like yesterday I decided to head north again on the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) train - this time to Howth (rhymes with Both).

After getting onto the next train scheduled for Howth, it suddenly changed to be headed for Malahide instead!  (it wasn't just me - other passengers were confused also).  Got off at Howth Junction between Malahide and Howth and waited for the next scheduled train.  When one didn't come, I asked at the office to be told "They're all all off!  There's a bus over there".  True, there was a bus over there.  It had 'Special' on it's sign, that I could only assume meant it was going to Howth - which is exactly what it started doing, before I got a chance to move down towards it!  Luckily another one arrived about 20mins later and I finally made it to Howth - A very pretty, quaint and quiet little seaside town .  Turns out that the train line was being upgraded and so was going to be closed for some time. 

Had a look around the marina and waterfront before heading up to see St. Mary's Abbey (built 15th/16th Century) and a Martello Tower on the end of the Howth Head.  

Pier at Howth

Martello Tower on Howth Peninsula

Church Community House, St. Mary's Abbey, Howth
(something like that)

St. Mary's Abbey, Howth - built 15th/16th Centuries

St. Mary's Abbey and Howth Marina

Tried to find the remains of Corr Castle - Failed!  Wandered into the grounds of the Howth Golf Club/Resort to see Howth Castle (originally built 1564) and then tried to find the walk around Howth Peninsula - saw some nice views but got reasonably lost and doubled back.  Went Back to the town and past the Martello tower to try the walk from the other direction - Successfully this time.

At the end of my adventures I arrived back at the train station to find out when the next 'special' bus back to Howth Junction was.  One arrived in about 10mins despite the guy at the station not having a clue ("I don't know.  They just come and they go".) - he knew what time the pub closed though.  Very tired after all the walking!

Howth Castle - c1564


Howth Castle again - the arty shot      /      Howth Peninsula Lighthouse          

Sun 23-Feb 03	Dublin - Visited Greystones, Bray and Dalkey   [Fine]

A third fine day, so left house early again to catch a DART train - south this time down to Greystones.  Had to get a bus into the city because unfortunately the buses didn't run to the closer Blackrock station on Sundays!  I didn't think much of Greystones - a rather non-descript town and beach.  Headed one stop back north to Bray.  Not much better!

Bray beach

Next stop, up to Dalkey (someone had altered the station sign to read "Donkey").  This was more like it - Another nice quiet and pretty seaside town like Howth or Malahide.  Two old castles in the main street - Archibold's Castle and Goat Castle.  Headed down to the sea front to photograph the island I'd seen from the train - Dalkey Island which has various church and other ruins along with a Martello tower.  Very scenic coast and island.  Walked around the area (known as Sorrento Point).  Weather started packing in so started heading back to Dublin.  I really liked Dalkey and would like to return in Spring/Summer to head out to explore the island (I finally did in April 2004 just before returning to New Zealand).

Archibold's Castle, Dalkey - 16th Century

Dalkey Island, Dalkey

Waterfront, Dalkey

View from Sorrento Point, Dalkey

View from Sorrento Point, Dalkey

Mon 24-Feb 03	Dublin

Went into Dublin City centre again with Dudley.  Had a look through the Book of Kells exhibition at Trinity College (The Book of Kells is an illustrated manuscript written in Latin, dating around 800AD - making it one of the oldest books in the world).  Wouldn't say I was overly impressed with the book/illustrations itself (and because I'm not religious), but it was still very interesting due to the age and history of it.

Went back to Dublin Castle for a tour.  Very interesting, especially at the end when we went underground to see the old foundations of the powder tower and the remains of an ancient Viking wall.  Finally went to the Dvblinia Exhibition (that is spelt right!) and the adjacent Christ Church Cathedral and Crypt.

'Sphere within Sphere' Sculpture, Trinity College

Inside Dublin Castle

Remains of the old Chapter House, Christ Church Cathedral

The Crypt, Christ Church Cathedral

Tue 25-Feb 03	Dublin   [Fine/Overcast]

Had an early dinner and headed into Dublin city in the evening for the Zozimus's Ghostly Experience - A theatrical walking tower of old Dublin.  Quite entertaining.


Zozimus, Dracula, and some other riff-raff

Enough said


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