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MARCH 2003
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Kilmainham Gaol

Dublin City

Sat 1-Mar 03	Dublin, Ireland   [Pouring Rain & Cold]

Headed into Dublin city about midday and for the first time in just over two weeks I actually got wet - saturated in fact!  Went to the old Kilmainham Gaol (1789-1924) for a tour.  Very interesting and all the more realistic that everyone was so wet and cold and feeling like convicts!

Kilmainham Gaol

Sun 2-Mar 03	Dublin - Visited Enniskerry (Co. Wicklow)   [Fine and Warm]

Totally unexpectedly (after yesterdays downpour) it was a brilliant blue day today, so headed south to Enniskerry (County Wicklow) to see the Powerscourt Estate and Gardens (originally commissioned in the 1730's).  A very impressive and pretty garden/estate despite a lot of the flowers not being out yet, all with the Sugarloaf Mountain in the background.  Also had a look around the house but not much to see as a lot was destroyed in a fire in 1974 and so not much in the way of furnishings back in it yet.

Two dudes in Sandyford Village

Powerscourt Estate Gardens, Sugarloaf Mountain in background

Powerscourt Mansion and Gardens

Japanese Gardens, Powerscourt


Powerscourt - The Japanese Gardens, and a general view around the Estate


Powerscourt Estate - View of Sugarloaf Mountain, and the Pepperpot Tower

Next decided to go on the 5km walk to the Powerscourt waterfalls, as no bus runs to it during the winter months.  Was actually quite a hilly 5km walk along narrow roads and the 5km was only to the gate of the property where the waterfall is!  It was a further 1.6km to the waterfall itself and to add insult to injury it cost extra to get into the property, AND it started raining!!  Luckily the rain didn't last long and it was quite a large and impressive waterfall.  Took lots of photos to make the walk worthwhile and then started the walk back as the sun started to sink.  Probably walked about 20km by the time I got back for dinner - my legs just aren't used to that!

A Typical Country Lane - Walk to Powerscourt Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall

Due to family commitments and being used to living alone, I have been asked to move on by Jean and Dudley.  Have to start thinking about where want to go - not sure whether to stay in Dublin at this stage because no luck with finding employment as yet (also everything is booked out over St Patrick's week).  A tad stressful to say the least!

Tue 4-Mar 03	Dublin

Went into Dublin to visit the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology & History Dept.  Very interesting with exhibits on Prehistoric Ireland, Ór (Ireland's Gold), Viking Ireland, Medieval Ireland and Ancient Egypt.

Wed 5-Mar 03	Dublin - Visited Boyne Valley (Co. Meath)   [Fine, cloudy]

Headed into town and because I was too late to catch any of the organised tours, used public trains and buses to get myself to Drogheda and then the Boyne Valley to view the Newgrange Neolithic Passage Tomb (at the Brú Ná Boinne Visitors Centre).  This was built around 3200BC, about 500 years before the great pyramids of Egypt.  Very very interesting!

(another set of tombs, Knowth, is only open during the Summer period - so I returned in April)

Also had a look around Drogheda itself - Tour of Martello tower on Millmount and the last gate remaining from the ancient city wall (St. Laurence's Gate).

Newgrange Passage Tomb, Boyne Valley

Entrance to Newgrange

Carvings on Newgrange Entrance Stone 
[A couple of postcards also]

Millmount Martello Tower, Drogheda (Co. Louth) 

Fri 7-Mar 03	Dublin   [Raining Intermittently]
Sat 8-Mar 03	Dublin   [Raining Intermittently]

A couple of rainy days, so instead of siteseeing (or job-hunting), were developing some plans for the next few weeks!
Will keep trying to look for jobs online, but probably start a road trip to see some of Ireland in-case end up having to return home in the next month or so.

Sun 9-Mar 03	Dublin   [Overcast]

Moved out of accommodation with Jean and Dudley - went into an expensive Central Dublin backpackers for the night.  Had a look at St Audeon’s church wall (last remaining part of the old Dublin city wall).  Wandered around Phoenix Park (700 ha) and inside Ashtown Castle/Towerhouse.


Over-bridge, Christ's Church Cathedral, Dublin

Remains of Dublin City Wall at St Audeon's Church, Dublin
(map of old Dublin City walls)

Four Courts, Dublin


Ashtown Tower House / Castle, Phoenix Park, and a Shamrock Street Light, Dublin


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