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Aran Islands- Inishmor

Sun 3-Aug 03 	continued...	Inishmor (Aran Islands, Co. Galway)

After waking up in Inisheer, travelling to and exploring Inishmaan, we then caught another ferry on to Inishmor (when it finally arrived - we were starting to worry about what to do if stranded!).  By the time we had arrived at Inishmor it wasn't so much raining, but wet just the same with a thick mist that was severely limiting visibility.

At the wharf (in the Township of Kilronan - A little harsh maybe, although Kilwestlife I could identify with more) we got a somewhat dodgy, dirty, but quirky mini-coach tour where the driver did his best to show us the sites through the haze, and dropped our bags off at the Man of Aran Cottage B&B on the way.  Kilronan was quite a big hustle and bustle of a town after the tiny quiet village of the other two islands - swarming with tourists, gift stores, restaurants etc, with Dublin-like prices!

Stopped at the cliff top fort of Dún Aengus for about an hour on the tour.  This fort was similar to the regular circular stone forts we had seen previously, but cut in half on the end of a cliff, with a surrounding perimeter wall and a pile of sharp rocks as extra security beyond that!  Very impressive, but difficult to photograph without a helicopter! (We ended up going back again tomorrow in finer whether, so check the photos further down - although still without a helicopter).

Landscape below Dún Aengus, Inishmor

After getting picked up from Dún Aengus we went back into Kilronan for dinner and then on to see the Ragús show of Irish music & dance.  We had seen the touring show in Dublin back in July, but decided we needed to see the original on Inishmor too! - both shows are very enjoyable and thoroughly recommended.

Ragús Musicians...

... and the Dancers!

Mon 4-Aug 03	Inishmor - Swords

It was looking as thought it'd be a lovely fine day, so after breakfast we grabbed our gear and walked the 1km or so back to Dún Aengus to see it more clearly, and it did look a lot better!  Didn't have much time left before our flight - after a bit of drama and panicking we finally managed to get a lift to the airport on the other end of the island, just in time for the scheduled departure.  Of course, the plane was actually running late!  The Weather was starting to turn from the 'lovely fine day' we had first thought into an absolutely unbearably hot muggy day - the start of a several week heat-wave, along with the rest of Europe!  I thought we'd been promised that Ireland was a cool country!

Kilmurvey Bay, Inishmor
(beside where we stayed)

Dún Aengus, Inishmor
(c. 2000 years old)

The Cliffs at Dún Aengus

Cliffs at Dún Aengus

The chevaux de frise defensive barrier, Dún Aengus

Had a lovely flight out of Inishmor across the harbour - if we hadn't already decided that we definitely wanted to return here, we would have now!  After only about 10 minutes we were back at Connemara airport. 

After getting the courtesy bus back into Galway city we had a little bit of time on our hands, so we went on The Old Galway Tour, a vintage Double-Decker bus tour around the sites of the city.  A very pretty looking City and a good tour, but it was now just way too hot for us - almost 30°C in Ireland! 

Kennedy Park, Galway City

Galway Harbour

After the tour we then managed to get on the 2:30pm bus headed for Dublin, with a 3hr 40 trip ahead of us.  The bus then broke down just 45 mins out of Galway, although it was almost as though it was expected because the replacement bus arrived in less than 5 minutes!

All in all, a great weekend away.  A pity Inishmor was so rushed, but we plan to return at some stage to explore more.  Inisheer and Inishmaan were absolutely lovely for being so remote, peaceful and relaxing.

Wed 6-Aug 03	Swords

Jason got offered (and accepted) the 10 month contract at Microsoft - Yay!  Handed in resignation at ClientLogic - bigger Yay!
Now have to arrange Work Authorisation so can work beyond February 2004!

Fri 8-Aug 03	Swords

[The scanner has been playing up so got a replacement today - hopefully photos on this site look better from end June onwards!]

Picked up a rental car this morning so can get away earlier tomorrow to head towards the Ring of Kerry again and out to Skellig Michael island.


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