Some Sayings Encountered  

"Thanks a Million!"
"Your Man ..."
"Work away"
"At the minute ..."  (instead of "at the moment")
"What's the Craic?"
"Top of the Morning to Ya!"
"Safe Home"
"Fair Play (to ya)"

   ...and some Quotes  

"Sunny with clouds and some rain expected" - sounds like Auckland!

"I don't know, they just come and go" - when asking about a bus from a guy in the ticket office!
(he knew what time the pub closed though)

"I'm an atheist - I don't believe in Bono" - International Comedy Club show

"People say it would be a lovely country if they'd just put a roof over it"

"When it starts to rain around here it forgets to stop"

"We've just come across on the car ferry from the other side of the harbour - Sounds like you're come a bit further!"

In Limerick a pretty young lass
Had a truly magnificent ass
Not round and pink
As you probably think
It was grey, had long ears and ate grass

“None of the so-called Dublin Mountains is high enough to meet the criteria required to claim mountain status.  The Sugarloaf is the tallest 'Dublin Mountain' yet measures a mere 1389 feet above sea level” (that’s only 423m, i.e. 120m less than the summit of the Rimutaka Road or the Desert road in NZ!)

“The Temple Bar area is so called because it housed the first Jewish temple built in Ireland.  The word 'bar' refers to the refusal of Catholics to allow the Jewish community to enter any of the adjoining commercial premises”

“Leopardstown was once known as Leperstown.”

“Dubliners drink a total of 9800 pints an hour between the hours of 5.30pm on a Friday and 3.00am the following Monday.”  (is that each?)

(from - a site of facts about Ireland)

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