Australian Holiday: 9th - 22nd September 2001
(CairnsNorthern Territory)

  Adelaide & the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne: 16th - 22nd

Sun 16-Sept	Yulara - Alice Springs - Adelaide		

		Flew from Yulara to Adelaide, via Alice Springs (see bottom of Northern Territory 
		page).  Had a brief look around Adelaide in the evening.
Mon 17-Sept	Adelaide	

		Went for a free tour of the town hall, had a look around town and then went for a tour
		of the Haigh Chocolate factory!

		Caught a tram out to have a nosey at Glenelg beach, then back into town to see the 
		view from Montefiore Hill - "Light's Vision" Lookout.  A very nice quiet city!

The Mayor of Adelaide?
(The Mayors Chair, Adelaide Town Hall)

Glenelg, Adelaide

The River Torrens, Adelaide

Tue 18-Sept	Adelaide	

		Today drove from Adelaide, through Torren's Valley and up into the Borossa Valley
		for some Wine tasting/buying!

		In addition to buying lots of Dessert/Sweet Wines and Ports (including White Ports!) 
		I bought a 4.5 litre genuine port keg from "The Keg Factory", Tanunda.  Not sure if 
		I've got the patience to wait for the port to mature in it!

		Running late, so stayed on outskirts of Adelaide tonight.

My Port Keg!!

Wed 19-Sept 	Adelaide - Naracoorte	

		Today I started the drive from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road.

		First stop was the lovely German settlement of Hahndorf.  Spent an hour or so looking
		around and taking photos, and then had a rich chocolate cake at the hotel before 
		heading on to Murray Bridge on the banks of the Murray River.

The German village of Hahndorf

...And again

Wed 19-Sept (cont.) Adelaide - Naracoorte

		I had given up on the idea of doing a paddle steamer/boat cruise on the Murray River
		as I had been unable to find one that suited my timetable.  However, as I was 
		sitting in a reserve beside the river at Murray having a bite to eat, the PB Captain 
		Proud paddled past and came into the wharf!  On the spur of the moment I then did a
		one hour cruise up the river - and saw pelicans!

		Headed along the Fleurieu Peninsula road and then inland towards Naracoorte for the
		night so that I could go to the nearby limestone caves tomorrow morning.  Saw the 
		'Pink Lake', wild Emus, more Pelicans and lots of Lizards on the way.

The PB Captain Proud on the Murray River, Murray Bridge

A Pelican on the Murray River

The Pink Lake!

An Emu in the wild!

Thu 20-Sept	Naracoorte - Portland	

		In the morning went to Naracoorte Caves - toured Alexandra Cave, Victoria Fossil Cave,
		Blanche Cave, Wet Cave, Wonambi Fossil Centre and viewed inside Bat Cave on CCTV.

		After lunch headed back towards the coast - got there at Portland just before sunset.
		Stopped for an hour or so at Mt. Gambier to view crater lakes.

		Took a detour at Portland to Bridgewater bay to see the Petrified Forest (actually 
		limestone casings of an old forest) and the blowhole and sunset.  Drove back to 
		Portland for the night.

A new stalagmite forming, Alexandra Cave, Naracoorte

'Straws' on the roof of Alexandra Cave, Naracoorte

Victoria Fossil Cave, Naracoorte

Blanche Cave, Naracoorte

The Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

Petrified Forest, Bridgewater Bay, Near Portland

Fri 21-Sept	Portland - Lorne	

		The next morning from Portland I finally started the Great Ocean Road drive on the 
		way to Melbourne.

		Along the coast I saw/stopped at Yambuk Lake, Lady Julia Percy Island, The Crags,
		Port Fairy and Griffith's Island, Childer's Cove, Bay of Islands, Bay of Martyrs,
		The Grotto, London Bridge, The Arch, Loch Ard Gorge, Archway Island, The Razorback,
		and finally The Twelve Apostles - Many different and impressive rock formations and
		isles along the coastline.  A beautiful day with great views, Highly recommended, but
		I eventually got tired of stopping every 300-500 metres for another lookout!!

		After the Twelve Apostles the road headed inland for a while, and then back out to the
		coast near Lorne, where I stayed the night (was getting dark!)

Port Fairy / Griffith's Island

Childer's Bay

'The Grotto'

London Bridge ( has fallen down...)

Some of the Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Some more Apostles (Peter, Paul, John...?)

Sat 22-Sept	Lorne - Melbourne		

		This morning I went to see the Erskine Fall's inland from Lorne, before continuing
		on way towards Melbourne.

		Between Geelong and Melbourne I stopped at Werribee to visit the Werribee Park and 
		Mansion.  Finally headed through Melbourne to Brighton Beach where I had lunch and
		took photos of the Beach Huts (shown below), before heading out to the airport to
		unfortunately head home :-(

		Flew out of Melbourne Saturday Night, arrived in Auckland early hours of the following

Erskine Falls, Lorne

Werribee Mansion, Werribee Park, near Melbourne

Lake at Werribee Park

Hologram in old laundry, Werribee Mansion

Beach Huts and Brighton Beach, with Melbourne in Background

Brighton Beach - Beach Huts

Sun 23-Sept	Melbourne - Auckland	

		Boo hoo! - Arrived home about 2am, work tomorrow!

(CairnsNorthern Territory)

the end...