Sydney: 1st - 8th April 2002

(Trip to Sydney in order to see "Roger Waters" live in concert!)
Apologies for the quality of the photos - Scanner is going from bad to worse!

Mon 1-Apr	Auckland - Sydney
		Wandered around Sydney centre including Hyde Park, St Mary's Cathedral, Centre Point
		tower, the Monorail, Circular Quay/The Rocks, took photos of the Opera house and
		the Harbour Bridge etc.  Did a touristy Evening Harbour cruise. 

The Sydney Opera House

and again...

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Fountain in Hyde Park

St Mary's Cathedral from AMP Tower

Tue 2-Apr	Sydney
		Went to Taronga Zoo this morning.  On return had a look at HMAV Bounty sailing ship
		moored at Circular Quay.  More wondering around town and Darling harbour in the
		late afternoon.  Picked up a rental car (for 2 days) around 5pm and went for a drive
		out to Bondi beach for a wander along the beach and dinner.



Snow Leopard

View at the Zoo!

Giraffes with a view!

Wed 3-Apr	Sydney - Jenolan Caves - Sydney
		Drove west (I think) out of Sydney over the Blues Mountains, past Katoomba and on to
		the Jenolan Caves for the morning.  Did tours of the Lucas and Orient Caves - Very
		large and impressive!  Better than any other limestone caves I have been to before
		(i.e. Waitomo and Naracoorte).  

		Next drove back to Katoomba to see the three sisters just on sunset, and go on the 
		Sceniscender cable car and the Scenic Railway (the steepest railway in the world!).
		After an hour or so there, started drive back to Sydney for the night, ready for
		the next day trip tomorrow.

The Entrance to Lucas Cave


Inside the Lucas Cave

Lucas Cave


Crystals and the Wise Man in Lucas Cave


Orient Cave

The Three Sisters

The Sceniscender (to view The Three Sisters)

Thu 4-Apr	Sydney - Hunter Valley - Sydney
		Today I drove north to the Hunter Valley, and needless to say drank too much
		port and wine and spent too much money!  Had a late dinner at the Sydney Hard Rock
		Cafe in Sydney.
Fri 5-Apr	Sydney
		Went to King's Cross to find out where to go the following night (for Destiny Ghost
		Tour) - decided that it looks dodgier in the morning than at night!  Then had more of
		a look around Darling Harbour and the City (including the Queen Victoria Building),
		and went on the afternoon scenic cruise around the harbour.  Did more of the
		tourist	thing on the Sydney Explorer bus.

		In the evening I went to see Roger Waters Live in Concert at the Sydney 
		Entertainment Centre - Awesome!! (For more information, set-list etc, see here)

The QVB (Queen Victoria Building)

Enough said

View across Darling Harbour

Sat 6-Apr	Sydney
		Queen Victoria Building, Paddington Markets, Chinese Gardens of Friendship, 
		Darling harbour, The Rocks markets, and Opera House tour.

		In the evening met in a carpark in Kings Cross for the 'Destiny Ghost Tour', where
		a group of us were driven around Sydney in the back of a 1967 Cadillac Hearse named
		Elvira, to see sights of murders, suicides, and other strange happenings and
		This included Mortuary Station, which was a Railway station build specially for the
		removal of coffins/bodies from an old graveyard in the city centre so that the Town
		Hall could be built, the former site of the Blue Light VD Clinic (now an exclusive
		restaurant!), old Gaols, morgues and Brothels, all with their share of ghosts and
		spooky stories.

		Quite a strange yet funny tour!  The looks we got from onlookers were hilarious,
		especially when we stopped for a drink near the harbour bridge, and the back door was
		left open (see photo below).  I'm sure we almost caused several car accidents!  
		(see for more details)

The Chinese Gardens of Friendship

Elvira the Hearse

Elvira parked near the bridge at night!

Sun 7-Apr	Sydney
		Went on the Bondi and Eastern Bays Explorer bus - some great views of the City and
		Harbour (including Sydney Cove/Circular Quay, Woolloomooloo Bay, Rushcutters Bay,
		Double Bay, Rose Bay, Vauluse Bay, Watson Bay, The Gap, Bondi Beach, Bronte 
		Beach/Tamarama Bay, Coogee Beach)

		Before completing the circuit I got off at Fox Studios for a bout of shopping.
		Back into town and finished off the parts of the Explorer bus tour that I hadn't
		done previously, including Mrs MacQuaries point/chair.  

		Finally, I visited the Aquarium at Darling Harbour - Well worth a visit with an
		incredible Great Barrier Reef section.

		... and that was about it - had to go home tomorrow!  :-(

Panoramic view from beside Rose Bay Convent

Mon 8-Apr	Sydney - Auckland
		Didn't see much of this day!  Fire alarm went off three times between 12:00 and
		1:30am. Got up, had breakfast and caught bus to airport for a morning flight home.
		With check-in times, time difference, and traffic congestion in Auckland, it was 
		about 7:30pm by the time I got home - the day was a write-off and my short
		holiday was over!  Had a great time in Sydney!