Tasmanian Holiday: 11th - 18th November 2000

(A quick one week break between jobs)

Sat 11-Nov	Auckland - Melbourne - Launceston

		Flew from Auckland to Melbourne, and then to Launceston (Tasmania).
		Sightseeing around Launceston City, and the Cataract Gorge.
		Lovely B&B - Ashton Gate Guest House.

Launceston and the Tamar River

Cataract Gorge, Launceston

Sun 12-Nov	Launceston - Port Arthur	

		Travelled up Tamar Valley, viewed 'Batman' bridge, Brady's Point lookout, and spent 
		up large at Vineyards!  
		Back to Launceston, and then through to Evandale, Avoca, Fingal, St Mary, Bicheno 
		(on the east coast), Coles Bay and 'The Hazards', 'Spiky Bridge', Swansea, Sorell, 
		and finally to Port Arthur in the evening.  A long but very scenic drive.
		Port Arthur was smaller than imagined - as a rough estimate I'd say the population
		is about 2 1/2!
		After a quick dinner, did a Ghost Tour of the Convict ruins by kerosene lantern and 
		candle-light.  Very interesting and novel - even visited the morgue!

Brady's Point Lookout over the Tamar Valley

View from Swansea

Port Arthur Convict Ruins
(Monday Morning in the Rain - Night photos didn't come out!)

Mon 13-Nov	Port Arthur - Hobart	

		Left Port Arthur, travelling towards Hobart City (pop. 170,000).  Visited Remarkable
		Cave, Tasman's Blowhole, Tasman's Arch, Devil's Kitchen, and the Tessilated Pavement.
		Travelled through Huonville, Cygnet, and then to 'Talune Wildlife Park'.  Amazing 
		place - practically only ones there, went into enclosures with Koalas, baby Wombat, 
		Kangaroos and Wallabies.  Went to Hartzview Estate and bought lots of fruit 
		Drove on to Hobart, took photo of old Cascade Brewery, and then all 1270m up Mt. 
		Wellington - 95% of the drive in the cloud, which was different!!

Tasman Arch

Tessilated Pavement

Jason, Baby Wombat and Koala, Talune


Tues 14-Nov	Hobart - Strahan		

		Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour! at Claremont just outside of Hobart.  Yum Yum.  
		Saw no Oompa Loompa's or the chocolate waterfall :-(  
		Bought over 10kg of chocolate though!
		Back to Hobart to see Salamanca Place (old stone dock buildings refurbished as shops),
		including 'Socrates' puzzles shop.  Tasmania Distillery Tour and Whiskey tasting 
		- VERY good!  Then left Hobart and started drive towards Strahan on the West Coast.
		Late lunch at Ouse (interesting name!), saw Tarraleah Penstocks & Power-station, 
		Derwent Bridge, Lake St Clair & Nelson Falls.  Went up Chairlift at Queenstown, an 
		old mining town - picture below, not much compared to NZ's Queenstown!!  Drove on to 

(don't have any pictures of chocolate!)

Lake St. Clair

Scenery between Lake St. Clair and Queenstown

Queenstown, Tasmania!  Lovely aye!

Wed 15-Nov	Strahan	- Burnie	

		Gordon River Cruise - Well recommended; as good as Milford Sound New Zealand.

		Drove from Strahan to Zeehan, Burnie, Wynyard, and Stanley with 'The Nut' (see below).
		Back to Burnie to stay (nothing open in Stanley).

MacQuarie Harbour, Strahan (on Gordon River Cruise)

Gordon River

Convict Ruins, Sarah Island, MacQuarie Harbour

Hell's Gate Lighthouse - Entrance to MacQuarie Harbour

'The Nut', Stanley

View from 'The Nut'

Thu 16-Nov	Burnie - Devonport - Spirit of Tasmania

		Went to 'Tasmazia' near Mt. Roland - set of about 7 or so Mazes, mostly made with 
		Hedging.  Also made awesome Pancakes!  Next on to Sheffield - a town of Murals.

		Drove to Devonport to catch the 'Spirit of Tasmania' overnight cruise to Melbourne.

Mural in Sheffield

Leaving Devonport of the 'Spirit of Tasmania'

Fri 17-Nov	Spirit of Tasmania - Melbourne

		Arrived about 8am - took about 1 1/2 to get a Taxi! (Great first impression of 
		Melbourne!).  Booked in to accommodation, then took Tram to Victoria Markets and then
		then Old Melbourne Gaol (where Ned Kelly's Armour is kept).
		Visited Rialto Observatory Tower, looked around the inner City, and finally went to 
		'Draculas' cabaret show and restaurant - very tongue-in-cheek and well recommended
		for anyone with an open mind and a sense of humour!

Melbourne (and smog) from Rialto Tower

Sat 18-Nov	Melbourne - Auckland	

		Started in a terrible mood - No sleep because the local council in their infinite 
		wisdom had decided to start digging up the tram tracks outside our Motel at midnight! 
		Went on a Melbourne River Cruise down and then up the Yarra river for several hours,
		and then did some last minute shopping in Victoria Markets before flying back to 
		Auckland (boo!) for new job on Monday  :-(

Cruising the Yarra River, Melbourne

the end...